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Here at Sonic Audio we offer a variety of in house name brands, however if you don’t find a brand you love, we are happy to work with product you bring to us. Need a special ordered part? We are happy to accommodate. Simply pay for the item, we’ll order and contact you when it arrives. Additional charges may apply.

An amplifier is a key product for anyone who cares about great sound quality without distortion. An amplifier provides cleaner sound by delivering the power your speakers need.

  • Aftermarket speakers want at least 65 watts
  • Speakers connected directly to a radio will only receive 15 watts
  • Consider a 5 channel amplifier to power all your speakers and a subwoofer
  • Micro amplifiers can be installed almost
  • Our subwoofer Amplifiers include a Bass knob for quick adjustment
  • All products purchased From Sonic include a 1 year parts & labor replacement warranty

A backup camera can be added to any vehicle. Multiple styles and features are available to choose from. The camera can be set to display the image automatically when the vehicle is switched into reverse or at the push of a button if you would like to see behind you while moving forward.

  • Choose your display: in dash, rearview mirror, or windshield mount styles are available
  • All products purchased from Sonic include a 1 year parts & labor replacement warranty
  • Cameras feature parking guide lines, LED
     illumination, or night vision

Bluetooth is a must have for hands free phone calling and audio streaming. You can add bluetooth by upgrading your factory radio to a model with bluetooth or choose a stand alone external bluetooth kit.

  • All our kits play phone calls through your car’s speakers so your can hear loud and clear
  • Stand alone Bluetooth kit includes color display and steering wheel remote control
  • Caller ID and song information will be displayed
  • An included noise canceling microphone will transmit your voice clearly while eliminating background and road noise.
  • Make voice commands to your smart phone
  • All products purchased from Sonic include a 1 year parts & labor replacement warranty

Use less power and get more light. Almost all of Your vehicle’s factory bulbs can be converted to LED. We can also add exterior LED fixtures for additional light.

  • LED Headlight kits provide more than twice the output of halogen bulbs
  • Interior LED upgrades provide a luxury feel and make finding things inside your car a breeze
  • Our LED's are completely LEGAL and will not blind oncoming traffic
  • Adding fixtures like LED bars and reverse lights can flood any area you choose with bright white light

Replacing your factory radio is the easiest way too improve sound quality and get better connectivity like Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and Navigation.

  • Replacement dash panels are available to make the conversion clean & simple
  • All products purchased from Sonic include a 1 year parts & labor replacement warranty
  • There are 2 sizes of replacement radios, Single Din is the standard  style and Double Din is the larger touch screen style

Our Viper Security and remote start system offer features car manufacturer’s don’t. We have a wide range of configurations to choose from.

  • 2 Way paging alerts you from up to 1 mile away if your vehicle has been disturbed
  • Viper's smart phone app offers GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring from anywhere you have cell phone reception
  • Tilt sensors alert you if your vehicle is being jacked up or towed
  • Remote Start cools your car down in the summer or heats it up in the winter before you even open the door

If your speakers sound warn out, a quick replacement is just what you need.  Add sound dampening during replacement for even better performance.

  • We have low power sets that sound great when connected directly to your stereo
  • Sonic has all sizes in stock, most replacements can be done in under an hour
  • We also have high quality sets that sound beautiful when paired with an amplifier

Sound deadening material is a popular choice to eliminate road noise and improve speaker performance. Many new cars skimp on insulation resulting in a noisy ride.

  • Packages range from speaker and door kits up to complete interior treatment
  • Sound deadening can be labor intensive and often requires disassembly of the majority of your car’s interior
  • Our most common product is 80 mill thick butyl rubber with flexible aluminum backing

No matter what type of music you listen to, a subwoofer will enhance your experience by playing low notes that speakers can’t reproduce.

Sonic has a large selection of pre built enclosures for all listening preferences. We can also build a custom enclosure that takes up minimal trunk space.

  • Choose a small  8” subwoofer to provide subtle low end and complete the audio spectrum.
  • Larger 12” woofers and vented enclosures deliver the bass you can feel. These are the go to choice for electronic and rap music enthusiasts.

We hand build these rolling stereos to deliver high quality audio that can fill a gym, warehouse, or back yard with warm rich sound

  • Great for shops, garages, and patios
  • Pick your color theme, materials, LED Lighting, and quality of audio components, microphones
  • These self contained units are designed to be mobile and require a standard 110v power outlet
For interior and/or exterior detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating visit www.GodworksDetailing.com