2016  6.4L V8 Challenger

Custom Stereo & Speakers

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This 2016  6.4L V8 Challenger is a beast in every way..until you turn up the stereo. It came to us with the factory upgraded “premium” alpine stereo system that sounded weak and hollow. The owner wanted to add high performance bass that would match the growl of the challengers over-sized motor. 

We came up with a solution that sounded deep and precise without compromising the limited trunk space. Steven started from scratch on this fiberglass trunk enclosure. He recreated the entire drivers side panel and built the ported subwoofer enclosure into it. 

We used Rockford’s Power series T1 12” subwoofer, matching 900 watt mono amplifier, and a digital capacitor to supply all the proper amount of power without taxing the electrical system. The final result included color match charcoal trunk liner for a clean factory look and red LED accent lighting inside the port tube that strobes to the bass.